PCEDM Annual Convention 2024

Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the PCEDM 2024 Annual Convention.  This convention provides us with a unique opportunity to come together to exchange knowledge, share the latest advancements and engage in meaningful discussions that will further our understanding of endocrine disorders and treatments.  The theme of this year’s convention reflects our commitment to improving patient care and advancing the frontiers of endocrine science.

  Throughout the course of this convention, we will have the chance to attend insightful lectures, participate in interactive workshops and network with colleagues from around the world.  I encourage each of you to make the most of this valuable opportunity, to learn from one another and to forge new collaboration that will drive innovation in our field.

  As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of endocrinology, I am confident that our collective expertise and passion for excellence will continue to make a profound impact in the lives of patients and future of healthcare Together we can strive to find new solutions, elevate the standard of care, and inspire the next generation of endocrinologist. 

  I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the success of this convention, including our dedicated organizers, sponsors.  I wish everyone a productive, inspiring, and memorable experience.  Let us seize this opportunity to strengthen our connections, expand our knowledge and reaffirm our shared commitment to advancing endocrinology.


Marjorie Ramos, MD, FPCP, FPCEDM

President and Overall Chair